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Jiangsu Keni New Material Technology Co., Ltd is a company that has independent research & development and independent innovation capability in China road lighting industry. It’s located in Lingtang industrial concentration zone, Yangzhou City, which is famous for her long history & deep culture and also well known as China road lamp manufacturing base. The company produces both high-tech material and outdoor intelligent lighting system.
The company has a group of experienced, skilled and aspiring talents, and the establishment of the company is aiming to improve regional and even national industry level, the company will build the brand by quality, expand the market by technology and get the reputation by service.
Engineering plastics is a new material project supported and developed by the country; the company produces engineering plastics additive “KLMA series” which is required in plastic laser marking and also in future plastic 3D printing. The “KLMA series” is widely used in livestock industry, electronic industry, automobile industry, logistics industry and financial industry. Meanwhile, the company has established long-term technical cooperation relationship with Chinese Academy of Sciences, in order to develop series of products continuously and meet different requirements of customers.
The company follows the concept of internet and develops new product “intelligent lighting system” on the basis of existing lighting products. In addition to the traditional lighting function, “intelligent lighting system” has remote monitoring, remote fault repair, WIFI, charging pile, and other functions. “Intelligent lighting system” is the most featured product among all series. General outdoor lighting products include high-pole lamp, LED road lamp, yard lamp, lawn lamp, landscape lamp, signal tower, traffic signs pole, electric pole, etc. The company will comprehensively offer design, production, installation, quality assurance to customers; the company also has the ability to undertake large project installation.
The company has a mature management team and advanced management ideas, we are full of confidence, and we are willing to work together with you to meet the industry 4.0.
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Lingtang industrial concentration zone, Yangzhou City,Jiangsu Province,China Phone : 0086-514-80870303 Fax : 0086-514-82132239
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